Priority Services

Here at Yorkshire Water, we know some of our customers need extra help from us. That’s where our services for customers with additional needs come in.

We provide a wide range of additional support. We can help make bills and meters more accessible; provide temporary water if water supplies are interrupted and protect you from bogus callers.

Take a look at all the different services we can offer you:

  1. We can help you by sending your bill, or other information:

    • in large print
    • in braille
    • in audio format (CD or over the phone)
    • to a nominated friend or family member.

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    We provide access and facilities for disabled customers at our main offices and at some reservoirs where walks are available. Why not have a look at our recreation section and find a walk you can try this weekend?

    Your water meter

    If you are concerned about high levels of water usage recorded on your meter, we will make an appointment to pay you a visit and investigate the meter.

    We also provide a service to take additional meter readings to help understand your usage, if you can’t take the readings yourself - we may be able to take an additional reading, or increase your readings to every quarter.

    We can also provide advice if you wish to relocate your meter. If you ask us to move your meter we’ll consider each case and let you know if it’s possible. We may also contribute up to 100% of the cost.

    To organise any of these water meter services contact us.

    Your water supply and sewerage

    If we plan to interrupt your water supply, we can provide the following services:

    • If you wouldn’t be able to read a letter, we can telephone you or visit to let you know in advance
    • If you have difficulty hearing, we can send you a postcard or letter or inform you by text
    • If you have a serious illness or disability, we can help you to obtain temporary water supplies
    • If you’re a home dialysis patient, please let us know.

    We can also provide advice about making taps and appliances in your home easier to use, and we can give you information about your water quality.

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    If you’re a customer with additional needs and you experience a problem relating to the sewers or drains serving your property, for example a flood from the sewer or a blockage, please contact us straight away for help and advice on 0345 1 24 24 24.

    How can we help?

    - We can offer help by reading bills and other information over the phone or sending it in different formats, including large print and braille.

    - We can visit your home, for example to read your meter more often than usual or to let you know if we need to interrupt your supply.

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  2. Paying your water and sewerage bill can be really easy. In this section, you can pay your water bill online, set up a Direct Debit, choose a payment option that's suitable for you or ask to see a copy of your most recent bill.

    Make a payment here

    You can also set up flexible payment plans that suit you. We offer customers several methods of payment based on how they prefer to pay their water bill, whether that be through Direct Debit, standing orders, over the phone or many other ways.

    If you're having trouble paying your water bill, you need to let us know as soon as possible. For information on how we can help you when it comes to settling your water bill, please visit our struggling to pay your bill

  3. If someone claiming to be from Yorkshire Water pays you an unexpected visit, it's easy to check if they are genuine…



    Are you expecting anyone?


    If you have the option, chain your door.


    All our staff wear uniforms. You can check the identity of the caller by phoning 0800 1 38 78 78. Do not use phone numbers on ID cards or ones provided by the caller as they may be bogus.

    *We will never ask to take cash or card payments at your property.*

    You can also arrange for our employees to use a password when they visit - simply let us know your chosen password and we'll make sure all our employees use it.

    To set up your password please call 0800 1 38 78 78.

  4. If you’re a customer with additional needs and you experience a problem relating to the sewers or drains serving your property, for example a flood from the sewer or a blockage, please contact us straightaway for help and advice on 0345 1 24 24 24.

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